OYEZ! OYEZ!… Have desperately been looking for the special issue of Peter Warlock’s PENTAGRAM dedicated to Stanton Carlisle.

Make offers to:

Would like to thank M. Pierre Taillefer for the information he sent and the scans received. But nowadays my memory does not serve me as well as it used to do. Of course I had the issue of the New Pentagram dedicated entirely to Mr Stanton Carlisle and it was  even autographed by Peter Warlock to me  and beautifully bound in black buckram by The Supreme Magic C°.  Am glad to have discovered a few more very interesting things in this Vol. 17, some about ex-libris magicis, magical bookplates, for example.

Speaking of Edwin reminds me of something very peculiar. Once I was staying at the Widgery during one of my school vacations. We used to watch television quite late in the evening and to discuss about the Magic World. He told me that becoming very rich and building a real fortune was not difficullt at all. Edwin était milliardaire. Just have a few good ideas and work hard, up to ten hours a day. Then the problems start afterwards. You will have to fight hard to keep your money because there will be plenty of people around you, trying to steal some of it.

Write to: ( Snail-mail with plenty of beautiful stamps, please!)

Daniel Cudennec
225, Bellantec, Stank ar Vel d’ an Traon

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